The edible and pictured confectionery bar.


A gift, which is a souvenir and a sweet food in one piece. Being so unique, surprising and sweet, it can be guaranteed to make the recipient smile.
Is it impossible to eat a picture? Is it nonsense to print a photo on a confectionery bar? We know no impossibility!
After long development work, we found the solution, and became the first to appear on the market with our new product.
At first sight, it seems to be just a framed and supported picture, but in fact it is much more than that. A delicious confectionery bar, and, on top of it, a printed, edible picture taken of an unforgettable memory. We can take it home as a souvenir, or we can make it a present.
The frame is only a packaging: in case we remove it, we can eat the whole „picture”, recalling a memory, let it be a journey or a special event.
So we can really say we have become richer with a sweet memory!

Gift, souvenir
and sweet food in one piece

It is not always easy to give a gift. It would be good to share experiences with our loved ones and friends, to give them a special surprise, of which there is only one piece available. The ideal gift is extraordinary, professional and of high standard, however not unpayably expensive. It should remind us of a kind person, a nice place, or a common experience, which we can recall through it.
Is it possible at all that a gift can meet so many aspects?
With CHOCOPHOTO, the answer is yes, as it is special and unique, and we can take it for granted, that we will not cause disappointment to the recipient.

The secret of CHOCOPHOTO

By a special procedure developed by us, we can create edible pictures on the surface of a confectionery bar.
We work using a specific technology, by means of which it is possible to print – photo-quality and, at the same time, edible – pictures on the surface of a sweet food. The outcome of our development –the CHOCOPHOTO product – has been placed under a patent procedure.
Our product comes with a special packaging. There is a collapsible support, and a picture hanger on the back of the box, so the CHOCOPHOTO functions as a complete framed picture as well…

…of course, just as long as we are able to resist temptation of the delicious sweet food !

We look forward to hearing from you!

ChocoPhoto Kft.

Location: 2040 Budaörs Szabadság street 27 I/3